Use Custom Link Shortener To Enhance Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

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Everybody in the social media marketing is using link shortener, which makes you curious to know what the heck this URL shortener all about? Custom link shortener lets you shrink your web address to a compact one so that you can post your message without compromising on the characters.

Custom link shortener are the branded URL shortener which are useful in strengthening your social media presence.  Why use custom URL shortener??  Often you might have come across Tweets, Facebook posts which have a very short URLs bearing company’s name to it. Well, those are custom made link shortener that is widely used for social media especially for Facebook posting.

If you are looking for ways to improve and increase brand awareness; using link shortener could be the best ways to do so. Below are few significant reasons of using link shortener for Facebook:

  1. It publishes reader-friendly links

To engage your readers, it is important that you publish informative and interesting content. Using a custom URL shortener that carries your brand name can potentially render you the results that you are looking forward to. It is 100% legitimate and your readers find it easy to relate to your brand/products and services.

  1. Boost Your Share

Social media marketing is tough thing; but if you are using correct techniques you are sure to get results. The link shorteners are one of the easiest and hassle free way to get the most out of the Facebook posting shares. Branded urlshortener increases your view through conversions; the number of people who have viewed the link the better the conversion chances.

  1. Makes your content more appealing and easy to find

Another added benefit of using these link shorteners is they makes it easy for the readers to read the post, as it is less complex, easy to find and makes it appealing to read. Your post remains intact and the link looks attractive when posted along with your message. Imagine the kind of response it can have it when they are posted and read by your readers.

By using custom URL shortener, it gives ownership of your links. Using the same can save you more lot more headaches that come with email deliver ability issues. Not only it saves you a lot of time, but gives an enhanced look to your Facebook posts.