Find out the trendiest footwear this autumn!

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Cold weather is here, and it seems it is going to stay a long time with us. Then, we have to get our season clothes and footwear and decide which pieces are still usable this season. In this case, we will talk about footwear.

Footwear is an essential element in our day-to-day, and that is why we should be aware of many different issues when choosing a specific one.

The most important characteristic of footwear is comfort, since you are wearing it all day.This autumn, there are different footwear trends where comfort is always present. We find both velvet ankle boots and espadrilles for women 

For this autumn, we recommend:

#1 High boots   

High boots are both daring and elegant at the same time. We find them with a wide range of different colors and styles, but black ones are still the most worn. This kind of boots have infinite possibilities to combine.

One of the trendiest styles is wearing a XXL sweeter combined with high boots. This way it seems we are wearing a dress. When you are in a hurry or you just don’t know what to wear, this look is a trendy and comfortable option.

#2Ankle boots

Ankle boots are footwear that never gets old and we always wear season after season. They are really varied, and we have so many possibilities to combine them with pieces of clothing such as biker jackets or long coats.

We like also to notice how silver tones and even velvet (really trendy in current footwear) are present in ankle boots this year.

#3Espadrillesand sneakers

Espadrilles and sneakers are a safe bet every autumn. However, they are not only worn during this season because we can wear them every season of the year. They are extremely comfortable, and we can combine them with all kind of styles, both formal to go to work and informal for wearing any weekend.

This season, trainers without laces are the trendiest piece of footwear thanks to its informal look and comfort.

#4Heel shoes

When we opt for a formal outfit we usually choose heel shoes, either for an office or a weekend party look. Heels are also a complement we use when we want to shine well-dressed.

This autumn, we will be able to find a wide range of different heels. We can find for example transparent heels, perfect to combine with broken jeans; or velvet heels, more likely to combine with a dress.

Which of them do you prefer?